Saturday, September 15, 2012

Shoe Recovery - How to recover your shoes

I decided to do a little tutorial on my experience with recovering shoes. I attempted a couple different methods and found this one to work best so far. Here are the things you will need;

- 1 Pair of  flats, or heels if you should so desire
- 1 pair trimming shears
- 1 pair regular shears
- Hot glue gun
- Super 77 multipurpose adhesive spray
- 2 plastic bags
- Material of choice ( I used an old shirt for this project with plenty of left over material for another project)

Step 1) Alright. First things first. You will want to  choose a pair of shoes that have a fairly sturdy backing. If they are too flimsy they will last as long as the shoes they were before, which is not very long.I chose a pair that I liked, but that didn't really go with anything I own. If  they have any embellishments, like beads and bows, you will want to remove them before you start your process

Steps 2 and 3) You will want to take your selected material and drape it in the desired configuration over your shoe. Make sure that it covers the entire shoe from toe to back and either side, with about a 1" extra edge to it. Once you have your rectangle of fabric, slit it down the center with about 2" left uncut for the toe ( length will differ depending on your shoes. Just leave enough space to cover entire tip and leave an edge to work with).

Step 4) This is where it gets fun. You're going to want to get your  plastic  bags and super 77  ready for this.  I learned the hard way that you should do this outside and never leave it uncovered. It will stick to everything and anything for years( might be a slight exaggeration) if left bare, so have your material ready.
- Slip the plastic bag over your foot and tie off.  And then put on your shoe. ( I learned it's easier and less messy to wear the shoe while spraying and applying so your hands wont get sticky )
- Spray your shoe from about 6" away until it is lightly coated with an even white mist, maneuvering your foot as needed
DON'T PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN - unless you want dirt, debris or whatever is beneath you on your shoe. It WILL stick and create puckering on your shoe.

Step 5) Grab your pre-cut material and begin to apply at toe.  Smooth  out creases and folds as you go, and pull  strips along sides to adhere. Make sure not too pull too tight on your material or you will get strange warping. Try to let it fall as naturally as possible. 

Step 6 and 7)  -Trim  away excess material leaving 1/4" - 1/2" edge for  finishing.  
- Then cut  slit into edges to create tabs. Follow natural curves of the shoe to determine where to cut.
-Grab your glue gun and apply light coating to edge of your tabs and fold in to adhere. Continue process around the edges of the base of shoe, and instead of applying the glue to your tabs, apply it directly to the shoe. 
DO NOT trim away excess material from base of shoe or rear seam  just yet. Wait until it is base is glued and then trim that edge to desired length and then we will approach the rear seam.

  You can see the edge in this picture, to get this seam I  kept my trimming shears against the sole of the shoe and cut at the existing angle of the sole. This will give and even edge.
Step 8) once you have glued down the base edges and inner tabs you will come to the rear seam. I left about a 1/2" seam and folded the material in on itself and simply glued it down.

Here's the end result! Hope you have fun recovering some of your own shoes!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hey! I got my new shoes on!

- - - - SHOES - - - -

Ok, so they're not exactly new. In fact, they were hand-me-down-and-arounds from my sister. We did a shoes swap once a few years back and these were the ones I got from it. They got a lot of good wearing, BUT, they are a crafting jack pot!

After - Red satin
Before - Navy and white polka dots

Ok, I realize this is not the most attractive angle in which to showcase the shoes, but here they are

I should actually probably attribute the entire project to my lovely sister. The material I used for the shoes is actually the hem from the dress she wore to our wedding as well. So basically this project cost me absolutely nothing. Ok maybe the .30 cents it cost for the glue stick. But all in all I would say that is a pretty good price for shoes that I practically sleep in.  I will probably post a full on how-to, as I intend to do a couple more pairs. In round two I will be sure to take better pictures too.

Disclaimer - I got the idea from pinterest. Yes, that magical place of ideas. I did do it a bit differently than the tutorial shows though. I didn't have any luck with the mod-podge. Probably because I attempted to make my own from another tutorial... Just don't do it. It's worth the $5.00 you would spend to get the real stuff. Anyhow, I found the method I used to be more effective anyways, and I will soon post the steps with another pair of lovely, thrifty, craftiness. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Big Move

So I know this is late in the making...approximately 4 months old, so it's nothing new, but this is our new home! And it certainly still brings us as much joy as it did on the first day.

We are currently renting a lovely townhome from a lovely lady  here in Orem Utah. We were so excited when a friend told us they were moving out and were letting people know that is was available. It's twice as big as our last place and less in rent. Crazy, right?! And we love everything about it. We love our ward, we love the place, we love the fact that when we have company we no longer need to worry about walking in on our company changing in the front room. We no longer have to be concerned about what parents might think if there are two voices coming from the single bathroom anymore, because we no longer have to share a lone restroom with them! No more washing dishes by hand! There is a whole room for me to keep my crafting clutter in, and did I mention we don't have to share a bathroom with guests? Oh it is a wonderful little home.

This is our kitchen and eating area. Very cute. I like having a red kitchen.

This is our entry/ living room. Yes, that is Doctor Who on the television. A house is not a home without the Who. HA! 

I would add some pictures of the up-stairs, but it was messy at the time and while it is much roomier than our last place, there still isn't much room to get a good picture. So we shall leave that to the imagination, yeah? Very good. Well this is our new home! Hope you all can come enjoy it with us at some point or another. Our   door is always open! Just call first :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hair Show!!! Newsies group

Now I am aware that many of you were not even aware of the Hair Show, but I had requests from multiple family members and friends to post pictures from the event. When  I get the video I will probably add a little bit from that as well. Right now I only have a couple shots from our group, but when the video comes I will add in the highlights of other sketches I admired.

 There were three Taylor Andrews school participating in the event, which was based on Broadway Musicals, so all in all we had about 25 groups participating. There were some magnificent pieces to behold!  And our show was hosted by our own Larry Curtis ( Owner of the school, Left ), Sherri Curtis ( Makeup artist,2nd from left) and Fatemah Ampey the host of reality TV show Shear Genius ( far right )

Here are the creators of our group, "Newsies"

Here are our lovely models! We found our assigned musical to be a little challenging, as Hair show is all about hair and there are clearly no women in the show. Nor is there much makeup or fashion. So...we got crafty! It was all New York inspired runway, class, and modern fashion and we had a dance group that               came on with the models and had them dress up as news boys. It was so fun!

 These are our Newsies! They were a group of guys from Salt Lake that breakdance for a living. We didn't see them with the models until the day of, and we all were shocked it turned out so good. They were AMAZING 

Dancin' it up to an awesome version of "King of New York" 

Our Models on stage

Some close ups of the other models. There were some pretty cool designs. And all the costumes were made out of newspaper. So fun.
 Mine and Bri's creation close up. I wish we had gotten one of the outfit too. It was pretty neat

 Oh wait! Here's one. It's not the best shot, but it's something. We were proud mama's :)

So there you have it. A preview. Hopefully we will get the video on here soon and you can see it for real with all it's wonder and awesome music. Fingers cross it will be out of production soon!

Spread Across The World - Ode to my angels

So I know it's been about a year since I've updated, so lets go through some of the big events thus far. This one is about the sister hood spread across different countries, and or continents.

This year has truly been quite the year. Both Riley and I have been very busy with our school and or work, depending on the time of year. And for those of you who may be recently married or have friends that are recently married, here is a bit of advice. You and your husband may be the best of friends, be so in love and never want to see another human being for the rest of your lives together, as Riley and I feel. But you still need friends. There is something to be said about leaving your love for a couple of hours and  missing them so badly to go spend time with the girls. Believe it or not, you need time to talk about girl things with girls. And he needs time to eat garbage and shoot things with other testosterone based beings. It's just the way things are. TRUST ME! And then 3 hours later you're so ready to go home and be with the man (or girl) of your dreams and life is happy and wonderful and you finally got to talk to someone about clothes and art and girly things, who actually understands! Bless my dear husband, he tries to listen about my feminine concerns and show interest, but he just doesn't understand some things. And that's perfect. And he is wonderful. And I couldn't ask for more  from him, he is so good to me. But girls need girls sometimes.

Which brings me to my next point. This year has been one of adventures. A while ago a few friends and I started a "Sisterhood blog" It was all four of us keeping each other updated on our lives as we all separated  from our common point origin, Mesa Arizona. These wonderful women are my dear Rebecca Boizelle, Madeleine Bailey and Jayne (Pierson) Marostica. Jayne and I got married with in a couple weeks of each other and then it was across the ocean we were parted. She and her sweetheart were attending school in Hawaii, while Riley and I stayed on the Mainland in this little ol town called Provo, Utah. Thankfully Miss Madeleine was living here as well, but as most of you know, she left a little over a year ago on a mission for Santiago Chile! Becky was also not too far away, in Cedar City Utah, but a number of months ago she went to Taiwan to dance at one of their Universities. Now, at this same time my only other friend ( Bridgit Terry, yes you made your way into this! You always will make your way in my heart) also decided to leave me and head to Texas for some wonderful adventure of Med. School with her hubby. Like I said, Adventures!!!

So here I am, in Provo, Utah, with all my friends Thousands of miles away from me, on other continents, in other countries, or might as well be. It was kind of rough.  My only other source of estrogen based conversation and giggles was hair school. And lets be honest, that's just straight up injected PMS. Around the clock. Ok, not really. Most everyone there is really wonderful and I've made some wonderful friends.What I mean to say is that this whole experience gave me hope. It gave me stronger friendships, self motivation to be outgoing and make more friends and so many other things. so to all my friends, those mentioned or maybe just those implied, you each add so much to my life. And whether you are near or far or came back home, or are coming home soon, You all men the world to me. And my husband's sanity. He was about to loose his man card. But really! You're all wonderful and I love you. Thanks for making me better and letting me share in your adventures, even if it's only vicariously through your blogs or stories over the phone. You will ever be a strength to me.

Ode to my friends :)
Jaynie and Tyson in Hawaii. They're expecting a new addition too!! Not just the puppy, but he's pretty cute too :)

And here is the Lovely Miss Rebecca enjoying the beauty of Tawain. ya know, she came back, but I think she will take Taiwan with her everywhere she goes for the rest of her life.  :)

Bridgit and Matt all graduated and everything. Hope all is well in Texas my dear!

Hermana Madeleine Bailey on the mish. Looking beautiful as ever and sharing the good word. She's an angel.

And I don't have pictures of all my good friends I've made at Taylor Andrews yet, but you better believe I will! That is a whole different adventure that I'm excited to share! Til next time1


I'm Allergic

Today I found this lovely little story that I thought would be fun to share. It's short and kind of silly, but it reminds me of how I used to react when told to do the dishes or clean my room. Hope you enjoy it!

“Oh, what do you do in the summertime …” three-year-old Katie was singing at the top of her voice.
“Softer,” Angela scolded. “It would be lovely if you sang softer.”
But Katie just screeched all the louder.
“Three-year-olds!” fumed Angela as she closed the door to her room.
Why doesn’t someone write a song about how to get out of doing what your mother wants you to do in the summertime? Angela asked herself. “Maybe I’ll write one,” she muttered. “Then I’ll make a record of it and become a rich and famous songwriting singer. Then Mother will say, ‘Angela, dear, you don’t need to take swimming lessons. Why should a rich and famous songwriting singer take swimming lessons?’ Then I’ll write songs all day and—”
“Angela, dear,” a voice called from downstairs. “Are you ready? Hurry. It’s time to go.”
“I’m coming,” Angela called back. She trudged to her dresser, pulled a bright pink swimsuit from the drawer, and slowly closed the drawer. “Hey, wait!” she cried. Jerking the drawer open again, she shoved the suit inside and raced to her closet. Rummaging in a box, she pulled out a ragged, once-navy-blue swimsuit. Giggling, she put it on, slung her beach towel over her shoulder, and waltzed out the door.
“My goodness, Angela,” Mother gasped. “Where did you get that swimsuit?”
“In my closet,” Angela answered nonchalantly.
“It’s all worn-out. It’s too little. And it has holes in it.”
“But it’s very, very comfortable.”
“Well, if that’s what you want. Come on, let’s hurry. We’re late.”
“What?” Angela couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Mother was supposed to say she couldn’t go looking like that.
“Come on, let’s hurry,” Mother repeated, taking Angela by the hand. Stunned, Angela let her mother pull her through the house and out to the car. Then, as she climbed into the front seat, she had an idea!
A bright smile erased the frown from her face as she broke out in song: “A mother is such a lovely person to have around your house. She keeps you happy and makes things snappy and always has a smile.” She sang thekeeps you happy especially loud.
“How lovely, Angela dear,” Mother said as she backed out of the driveway. “Did you make that up?”
“I wrote it myself,” Angela answered proudly. “And if I didn’t have to go to swimming lessons, I could write a lot more songs about my beautiful mother.”
“That would be nice. But maybe you could write them on the way to your swimming lessons. It’s very important that you learn to swim. Everyone should know how to swim.”
Angela watched her house shrink smaller and smaller and then disappear as they drove away. “If I could just disappear, too!” she whispered.
“What did you say?” Mother asked.
“I should have stayed home to tend Katie so Robbie could go swimming. Robbie loves swimming. Maybe you should take me back and let Robbie take my lesson. I really wouldn’t mind,” Angela said.
“Robbie already knows how to swim. That’s why he loves it.”
“But I really think I’m allergic to chlorine. Melanie told me it turned her hair green. If it turned her hair green and she’s not even allergic to chlorine, imagine what it will do to my hair—and my skin! Oh, I just know my teeth will fall out!”
“Angela,”—the softness had left Mother’s voice—“your teeth will not fall out.”
“Maybe not with my braces on, but think of all the money you and Dad have spent to fix my teeth. Now they’ll turn green, and the minute the braces come off—plink, plink, plink—out will fall all my green teeth.”
“Angela, my dear”—Mother paused, letting the softness back into her voice—“are you afraid of the water?”
“Me? Afraid? Of course not! I’m allergic, that’s all.”
“There’s nothing to be afraid of,” Mother said.
“Oh, I know that. All my friends can swim. They go swimming all the time. They tell me all about it. I’m not afraid. Not me. Never. It just doesn’t interest me.”
“Well, just think. After you take lessons, you can go swimming with your friends.”
“Not if I’m all green. I don’t think they let green people into swimming pools.”
“Here we are.” Mother sounded more cheerful than necessary. “Now promise me you’ll do what the teacher asks.”
Why do mothers make you promise things like that? Angela wondered. But she promised and then slowly, very slowly, climbed out of the car.
“I’ll be back in an hour,” Mother called as she drove off.
Angela looked down at her faded swimsuit. “I wonder who invented swimming anyway,” she muttered.
“Probably Eve.”
The voice startled Angela. Looking up, she saw a girl about her size who was almost hidden by a small fir tree.
“Eve?” Angela repeated, staring at the girl’s worn, swimsuit.
The two girls stared at each other for a long moment. Finally Angela asked, “Are you going in or coming out?”
“Going in. Mine was the car before yours.”
“Do you swim much?” Angela asked cautiously.
“Nope. I’m allergic to water. It makes my toenails curl the wrong way. That’s why I always shower—I never bathe. Less water that way.”
“My name’s Angela.” Angela couldn’t remember ever meeting anyone she liked so well so fast.
“I’m Mandy.”
“Do you live around here?” Angela asked.
“We just moved into the yellow house with the huge pine tree in front. It’s by the school.”
“Hey, that’s on my street!” Angela exclaimed with a grin.
A whistle sounded. “Girls! Girls!” the swimming teacher called. “It’s time to start.”
“What about your allergy problems?” Angela asked Mandy. “How are you going to swim with your toenails curling the wrong way?”
“I don’t know.”
“Me neither.”
“You’re allergic, too?” Mandy asked in amazement.
“Yes. My teeth turn green. It’s the chlorine. I’m afraid it will make them fall out. After my braces come off, that is. You know—plink, plink, plink—until they’re all gone.”
Mandy grinned at Angela. Then they both giggled.
“Come on,” Angela sighed. “I guess together we can suffer it through.”
“Sure,” Mandy said.
Taking deep breaths, they started toward the pool.

“By the way,” Angela asked, “do you write songs?”

“Oh, yes!” Mandy answered. “I wrote one just this morning.”

“Maybe we could write one together, about people who are afraid—I mean allergic.”Mandy smiled. “Do you think we could become rich and famous?” 

Angela grinned. “I think maybe we could.”