Sunday, August 5, 2012

Spread Across The World - Ode to my angels

So I know it's been about a year since I've updated, so lets go through some of the big events thus far. This one is about the sister hood spread across different countries, and or continents.

This year has truly been quite the year. Both Riley and I have been very busy with our school and or work, depending on the time of year. And for those of you who may be recently married or have friends that are recently married, here is a bit of advice. You and your husband may be the best of friends, be so in love and never want to see another human being for the rest of your lives together, as Riley and I feel. But you still need friends. There is something to be said about leaving your love for a couple of hours and  missing them so badly to go spend time with the girls. Believe it or not, you need time to talk about girl things with girls. And he needs time to eat garbage and shoot things with other testosterone based beings. It's just the way things are. TRUST ME! And then 3 hours later you're so ready to go home and be with the man (or girl) of your dreams and life is happy and wonderful and you finally got to talk to someone about clothes and art and girly things, who actually understands! Bless my dear husband, he tries to listen about my feminine concerns and show interest, but he just doesn't understand some things. And that's perfect. And he is wonderful. And I couldn't ask for more  from him, he is so good to me. But girls need girls sometimes.

Which brings me to my next point. This year has been one of adventures. A while ago a few friends and I started a "Sisterhood blog" It was all four of us keeping each other updated on our lives as we all separated  from our common point origin, Mesa Arizona. These wonderful women are my dear Rebecca Boizelle, Madeleine Bailey and Jayne (Pierson) Marostica. Jayne and I got married with in a couple weeks of each other and then it was across the ocean we were parted. She and her sweetheart were attending school in Hawaii, while Riley and I stayed on the Mainland in this little ol town called Provo, Utah. Thankfully Miss Madeleine was living here as well, but as most of you know, she left a little over a year ago on a mission for Santiago Chile! Becky was also not too far away, in Cedar City Utah, but a number of months ago she went to Taiwan to dance at one of their Universities. Now, at this same time my only other friend ( Bridgit Terry, yes you made your way into this! You always will make your way in my heart) also decided to leave me and head to Texas for some wonderful adventure of Med. School with her hubby. Like I said, Adventures!!!

So here I am, in Provo, Utah, with all my friends Thousands of miles away from me, on other continents, in other countries, or might as well be. It was kind of rough.  My only other source of estrogen based conversation and giggles was hair school. And lets be honest, that's just straight up injected PMS. Around the clock. Ok, not really. Most everyone there is really wonderful and I've made some wonderful friends.What I mean to say is that this whole experience gave me hope. It gave me stronger friendships, self motivation to be outgoing and make more friends and so many other things. so to all my friends, those mentioned or maybe just those implied, you each add so much to my life. And whether you are near or far or came back home, or are coming home soon, You all men the world to me. And my husband's sanity. He was about to loose his man card. But really! You're all wonderful and I love you. Thanks for making me better and letting me share in your adventures, even if it's only vicariously through your blogs or stories over the phone. You will ever be a strength to me.

Ode to my friends :)
Jaynie and Tyson in Hawaii. They're expecting a new addition too!! Not just the puppy, but he's pretty cute too :)

And here is the Lovely Miss Rebecca enjoying the beauty of Tawain. ya know, she came back, but I think she will take Taiwan with her everywhere she goes for the rest of her life.  :)

Bridgit and Matt all graduated and everything. Hope all is well in Texas my dear!

Hermana Madeleine Bailey on the mish. Looking beautiful as ever and sharing the good word. She's an angel.

And I don't have pictures of all my good friends I've made at Taylor Andrews yet, but you better believe I will! That is a whole different adventure that I'm excited to share! Til next time1


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