Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Life's Simple Transformations

I find it is a wonderful gift that when one thing comes to a close there are usually other events beginning to bloom into existence to fill the void.  I have a few examples in mind from the events of this last month or so;

-It is the close of a school year, which comes with finals and in turn the beginning of relaxation for my dear sweet Riley.
- It is the beginning of the close of the 3 dimensional life of "wife-working- homemaker" Rachel into the 4 dimensional life of  "wife-working-STUDENT-homemaker" Rachel .
-We have recently finished one of our favorite T.V. shows on Netflix ( Bones ) and another season is airing and will be Netflix-ed before the year is out! 
-We attended a Mission Reunion for Riley's mission in this early month that was full of reminiscence, and going full circle, have just been informed that Riley's brother Parker is due to report to his mission in two months, to serve in the Spokane Washington Mission!
-My hours at work have been slightly cut back and I was just contacted about a short-term nannying position that falls perfectly in line with my summer itinerary.

I find that life is a beautiful thing, continually moving and shifting it's shape, becoming not just our history, our present reality and our future dreams, but also our character, our love and a balm to continue to our future dreams and another reality totally unique to us and our lives. It gives me great awe to know that this perfectly harmonious and infinitely varied existence was all composed this way. And it gives me greater awe to know who is responsible for that and that I have a personal relationship with him. My Father in Heaven. I know more than anything that all these good things happening in my life are the proof of his hand in my life and that he is so Great that he can even take all the bad things I experience and turn them into something good too.

So, I'm realizing this started out as an update on what's been happening in life and turned into something 
much different. I can't decide if it's a result of my being overly in touch with my emotional side ( highly likely), or just....no it's probably that. Well regardless, this is what life has had in store for us recently. It's been eventful and full of love and learning and we couldn't be happier.  

Friday, April 15, 2011

The saddest news of the year

Today I came home from work and Riley and his friend Xander were here playing video games. They told me an idea they had about making an epic game making fun of all video game cliche's  in the book and how awesome it would be even down to the packaging, which would come with a snack. I suggested caprisun's. THEN I got an even better idea and suggested Squeezits. You remember. Those fruit drinks sold in a plastic bottle with a twist off cap and a cartoon face on the bottle. I got so excited about it I started salivating over the idea of twisting off that diamond top and slurping out that blue/purple/red goodness. So excited I needed to show the boys a picture of delectable drink so I could share my joy. The first site I checked had a great picture as well as a short, yet interesting article attached. Apparently this scrumptious treat was discontinued. In 2001!!! I was so sad I almost cried. I even looked on amazon to see if some crazy collector person had some left over to sell. I was so desperate for a sip of this Squeezit I was willing to drink a 9+ year expired drink. It's true. And, admittedly, if someone were to offer one to me right now... I would take it. And I would drink it with a smile so big my face would break. Literally. On the bright side the site also had a petition. And yes, I signed it. With vigor and vim, I typed my name on that line and left a comment proclaiming my love! Lets just pray that my efforts will go rewarded. I could really use a lift from one of those silly faced bottles. I have lovingly attached a picture for those of you that do not recall...and the sit for the petition if anyone else is feeling particularly nostalgic and and are as sad as me. To the rest of you who feel that this is silly, you can ignore the link :) Much love to all and to all a good night.
Mmmmmm... Nothing says love better than a good squeez(it)