Sunday, May 8, 2011

Operation Backsplash - Completed

Well we said we were gonna do it and now it's done! We finally covered up some of the nasty brick in our apartment. I feel kinda silly doing it as a how-to, so I'm just gonna post some pictures of our awesome new kitchen and if anyone has questions I can deliver that information elsewhere.

So I just need to take a minute here and say it looks so much better than before. Sometimes I forget that we did it and I walk into the kitchen and before I can do anything about words like "This looks so good!" or "Man, we have a great kitchen" start gushing out of my mouth. These things are quickly followed by a "I know!" from the other end of the apartment from Riley or simply laughter. But really, it turned out to be a wonderful activity for Riley and I to do together. We had a lot of fun puzzling it out and fixing our blunders and just spending the time together. I think my day is going to be filled with finding another activity like this that we can do... but I digress!
Here are some pictures of the mayhem and the transformation.

Now we don't have the best camera so you can't see all the lovely shade variation in he back splash, but it looks so much richer and relaxing. Anyhow, this is our new kitchen, and we love it!