Sunday, August 5, 2012

Hair Show!!! Newsies group

Now I am aware that many of you were not even aware of the Hair Show, but I had requests from multiple family members and friends to post pictures from the event. When  I get the video I will probably add a little bit from that as well. Right now I only have a couple shots from our group, but when the video comes I will add in the highlights of other sketches I admired.

 There were three Taylor Andrews school participating in the event, which was based on Broadway Musicals, so all in all we had about 25 groups participating. There were some magnificent pieces to behold!  And our show was hosted by our own Larry Curtis ( Owner of the school, Left ), Sherri Curtis ( Makeup artist,2nd from left) and Fatemah Ampey the host of reality TV show Shear Genius ( far right )

Here are the creators of our group, "Newsies"

Here are our lovely models! We found our assigned musical to be a little challenging, as Hair show is all about hair and there are clearly no women in the show. Nor is there much makeup or fashion. So...we got crafty! It was all New York inspired runway, class, and modern fashion and we had a dance group that               came on with the models and had them dress up as news boys. It was so fun!

 These are our Newsies! They were a group of guys from Salt Lake that breakdance for a living. We didn't see them with the models until the day of, and we all were shocked it turned out so good. They were AMAZING 

Dancin' it up to an awesome version of "King of New York" 

Our Models on stage

Some close ups of the other models. There were some pretty cool designs. And all the costumes were made out of newspaper. So fun.
 Mine and Bri's creation close up. I wish we had gotten one of the outfit too. It was pretty neat

 Oh wait! Here's one. It's not the best shot, but it's something. We were proud mama's :)

So there you have it. A preview. Hopefully we will get the video on here soon and you can see it for real with all it's wonder and awesome music. Fingers cross it will be out of production soon!

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