Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Big Move

So I know this is late in the making...approximately 4 months old, so it's nothing new, but this is our new home! And it certainly still brings us as much joy as it did on the first day.

We are currently renting a lovely townhome from a lovely lady  here in Orem Utah. We were so excited when a friend told us they were moving out and were letting people know that is was available. It's twice as big as our last place and less in rent. Crazy, right?! And we love everything about it. We love our ward, we love the place, we love the fact that when we have company we no longer need to worry about walking in on our company changing in the front room. We no longer have to be concerned about what parents might think if there are two voices coming from the single bathroom anymore, because we no longer have to share a lone restroom with them! No more washing dishes by hand! There is a whole room for me to keep my crafting clutter in, and did I mention we don't have to share a bathroom with guests? Oh it is a wonderful little home.

This is our kitchen and eating area. Very cute. I like having a red kitchen.

This is our entry/ living room. Yes, that is Doctor Who on the television. A house is not a home without the Who. HA! 

I would add some pictures of the up-stairs, but it was messy at the time and while it is much roomier than our last place, there still isn't much room to get a good picture. So we shall leave that to the imagination, yeah? Very good. Well this is our new home! Hope you all can come enjoy it with us at some point or another. Our   door is always open! Just call first :)

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