Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hey! I got my new shoes on!

- - - - SHOES - - - -

Ok, so they're not exactly new. In fact, they were hand-me-down-and-arounds from my sister. We did a shoes swap once a few years back and these were the ones I got from it. They got a lot of good wearing, BUT, they are a crafting jack pot!

After - Red satin
Before - Navy and white polka dots

Ok, I realize this is not the most attractive angle in which to showcase the shoes, but here they are

I should actually probably attribute the entire project to my lovely sister. The material I used for the shoes is actually the hem from the dress she wore to our wedding as well. So basically this project cost me absolutely nothing. Ok maybe the .30 cents it cost for the glue stick. But all in all I would say that is a pretty good price for shoes that I practically sleep in.  I will probably post a full on how-to, as I intend to do a couple more pairs. In round two I will be sure to take better pictures too.

Disclaimer - I got the idea from pinterest. Yes, that magical place of ideas. I did do it a bit differently than the tutorial shows though. I didn't have any luck with the mod-podge. Probably because I attempted to make my own from another tutorial... Just don't do it. It's worth the $5.00 you would spend to get the real stuff. Anyhow, I found the method I used to be more effective anyways, and I will soon post the steps with another pair of lovely, thrifty, craftiness. 

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